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    If you are here because you already appreciate custom photography and understand the long-term value of quality, archival photo products, then you already know what I'm going to say!

    If you have never had a custom photography experience before, then pull up a chair and let's chat about it. I am happy to share with you my reasons for doing what I do because i believe it's so important for everyone to leave a legacy for future generations. Please take a moment to fill out the contact form so we can discuss your photography needs.

I have a confession to make. I’m a prop junkie! I am always on the lookout for fun new props that I can use during all sorts of photo sessions. My clients have learned that I usually have something that we can use during their session if they have a special request. As much as I love being able to use the props that I have found over the years, I REALLY love using props that my clients bring to their session because those props are special, meaningful, and bring a personal touch to their images. Before your session, take a look at some of the special items you have in your home and try to think outside the box. Family keepsakes and special gifts given to you or your children are fantastic for portraits. Here are a few samples of some photos featuring special props.

In the photo on the left, she is holding a Mickey and Kermit that belonged to her dad when he was a child and in the photo on the right, we used grandma’s pearls and a fancy mirror.



In the photo of the little girl, she is holding a football that her parents brought along to the session. She likes football! In the photo on the right, she wanted to utilize flowers that were similar to the flowers in her wedding bouquet.



The photo of the newborn features a bed that belonged to her mom when she was a child and the quilt was made by her grandma. In the photo on the right, my daughter is wearing some overalls that my mom made for me when I was a little girl. My name is appliquéd on the leg.  :)



In this beautiful image, he is snuggled up with a soft grey blanket that was knitted by a family member as a gift for this little one.



Finally, don’t forget about BIG props. This car belongs to my husband’s cousin (he brought it over to show us his new purchase), but any car (new or old) would be an awesome prop for a photo session.





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When it comes to taking better pictures (no matter what the subject or situation), it usually comes down to light. Find the better light and your pictures will improve by 100%. The other day, my kids were outside playing basketball in the driveway, so I decided to snap a few pictures of the fun. I started off shooting parallel to the hoop, so the sun (which was getting low in the sky) was to my right. I quickly realized that this was a terrible position for taking pictures. The shadows were way too harsh and the kids kept moving in and out of shade which made it impossible for me to get the right camera settings. See the four pictures below as samples of what I was getting from this position.

My solution? Simply move to a better position! I walked over to the edge of the driveway so I was facing the hoop…and the sun. Now, facing the sun for photography CAN be tricky, but if you practice, you’ll find that your images will be so much better. Less squinting. No harsh shadows. No blown out highlights on faces. It’s awesome! Another benefit of facing the sun is the beautiful backlighting that you’ll get on your subject.

If your camera is still on “auto” then this trick will work OKAY, but if you are on “manual” then the possibilities are endless. You might need to mess around with your shutter speed, your ISO, and your aperture to find the right combo, but once you get it, you will be amazed!

If your kids are moving around quite a bit like these two were, then your shutter speed will need to be pretty fast. You’ll also want to shoot with your aperture a little more closed down since getting an exact focus point on a moving target can be tricky.

If you LOVE the idea of getting your camera off “auto” and onto “manual” so you can have more control over your photos, then stay tuned to jaydub photography. I’m going to be offering a few classes on the basics of digital photography with your DSLR camera in manual mode!

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Here’s a tip for great lighting. Don’t underestimate the usefulness of your own garage! Open up the big door, have your child stand facing the open door (or turn your child to the side so light is only on one side of his/her face), then shoot without a flash. The light is beautiful and even! If you don’t like the stuff in the background, simply hang a shower curtain (or a piece of fabric), or prop up a large piece of poster board or mat board in any color you’d like.

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After much deliberating, I have finally decided to stop offering photos on CD and will now be loading your gorgeous high-res images onto USB drives! This is a big change from a marketing and packaging standpoint, so I hope you enjoy this new system. In addition to your high-res images, I will also be loading a set of “Social Media Sized Files” onto your drive. These will be smaller, watermarked versions of all of your photos that are ready to be uploaded to Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media sites that you use. Please be sure to credit jaydub photography where you can by linking to www.jaydubphotography.com or www.facebook.com/jaydubphotography.

As an added bonus, if you book another session with me later and bring me your jaydub photography USB drive, I will give you a $10 discount off your session and load your new pictures onto your drive. Sorry, the discount only applies if you bring me your jaydub photography USB drive, so be sure to hang onto it!

Mini sessions will now be uploaded to my Dropbox account for download by you (and your friends and family if you’d like to share the link). When your mini session pics are ready, I will send you a link to a simple download page where you can retrieve your ZIP file of images along with a PDF file of your Print Release. This should keep things quick and easy for everyone and allows mini session clients to get their images very quickly.

Those of you with upcoming full sessions can look forward to one of these beautifully packaged lovelies!

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Valentine’s Day Mini Sessions will be happening on January 19th and 20th. The sessions on the 19th will be reserved for kids under the age of five and will take place in my living room studio. The sessions on the 20th will be reserved for older kids or families (up to five people) and will take place in my barn studio. If you have both young kids and older kids, please reserve a time on the 20th. Questions? Please ask!

January 19th (Kids five and under – in living room studio)
10:00am – Luderus

January 20th (Older kids and families – in barn studio)

Mini sessions are $75 and you will receive about 7-10 high res images (via download link) along with a print release. Photos will be ready within about a week.

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I know it’s not even January 1st yet, but it’s time to start planning for those Valentine’s Day Mini Sessions. I am planning on the sessions taking place during the third weekend of January 2013, so you can pencil that in on your calendar. Sign up times will be coming soon!

I thought everyone might need a few ideas for cute outfits, so here are a few links to some places where you can purchase items and a few links to instructions for making your own items. You’ll want to get started making your items soon, or make sure you purchase your items soon so you can have everything ready in time for the mini sessions in a few weeks!


Purchase Locally (Cheyenne):

Bean and Buddy Creations – Amy has some adorable children’s clothing options and will give you a percentage discount if you let her know that you are purchasing an outfit for the jaydub photography Valentine’s Day Mini Session


Available to Purchase:

Cassie’s Closet – Lots of adorable Valentine’s Day themed dresses and outfits

Amazon – Adorable white tulle and red hearts dress

Tie Guys – Boys’ red hearts tie

Etsy – Adorable Girls’ Valentine’s Day Outfits


Some DIY Ideas:

Boys’ T-shirt

Little Boys’ Neck Tie

Make Your Own Suspenders

No Sew DIY Clip-On Bow Ties

Girls’ Ruffled Knit Top/Dress

15 Minute Girls’ Ruffled Dress


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Sadly, one of my favorite families to photograph is moving away.  :( I hope there will still be an opportunity for me to see them since they have some family in this area. Here is their final family session with me before heading out on their next adventure. We did this session in two parts due to a schedule conflict, but it worked out great! I’ll miss you guys!


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How do these senior girls do it? And her eyes! Oh, my!

This is Miss B and she is as lovely as can be! We did this session at the Hereford Ranch where there were many opportunities for her to shine and show her stuff. She also brought a couple of friends along to her session and we squeezed in a few pictures of them together. There’s nothing better than having some friends around to help with wardrobe decisions and changes.  :)

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