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Using special props during your photo session – Cheyenne, Wyoming Portrait Photographer

I have a confession to make. I’m a prop junkie! I am always on the lookout for fun new props that I can use during all sorts of photo sessions. My clients have learned that I usually have something that we can use during their session if they have a special request. As much as I love being able to use the props that I have found over the years, I REALLY love using props that my clients bring to their session because those props are special, meaningful, and bring a personal touch to their images. Before your session, take a look at some of the special items you have in your home and try to think outside the box. Family keepsakes and special gifts given to you or your children are fantastic for portraits. Here are a few samples of some photos featuring special props.

In the photo on the left, she is holding a Mickey and Kermit that belonged to her dad when he was a child and in the photo on the right, we used grandma’s pearls and a fancy mirror.



In the photo of the little girl, she is holding a football that her parents brought along to the session. She likes football! In the photo on the right, she wanted to utilize flowers that were similar to the flowers in her wedding bouquet.



The photo of the newborn features a bed that belonged to her mom when she was a child and the quilt was made by her grandma. In the photo on the right, my daughter is wearing some overalls that my mom made for me when I was a little girl. My name is appliquéd on the leg.  :)



In this beautiful image, he is snuggled up with a soft grey blanket that was knitted by a family member as a gift for this little one.



Finally, don’t forget about BIG props. This car belongs to my husband’s cousin (he brought it over to show us his new purchase), but any car (new or old) would be an awesome prop for a photo session.





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